Honeymoon hacks

It’s not easy in these uncertain times to plan a wedding, let alone a honeymoon, but these tips might inspire your first holiday as a married couple.

  1. International travel is going to be difficult this year, so you might want to consider a ‘mini moon’ for a few days after your wedding and save up for a bigger trip when regulations ease or when it suits you better. A two or three-day getaway still allows you to revel in newlywed bliss and there are some amazing destinations right on our doorstep.


  1. Take into account what kind of travellers you are. Do you prefer sightseeing, being in the bush or chilling on the beach? Most modern couples prefer to be involved in the decision-making process.


  1. Honeymoon registries have become a popular way for couples to pay for their honeymoon. Set up a honeymoon fund and your wedding guests can donate money towards your trip. This is a great way for guests to save up for a later honeymoon.


  1. If the specific timing of your honeymoon isn’t important to you, it’s more affordable to go in off-peak seasons. Locally, there are fabulous winter deals and packages on at the moment and as there are so few tourists due to Covid-19, you’ll probably get an even better rate.


  1. If you’re planning a destination wedding, a good idea is to combine it with your honey – or mini-moon and spend it at the same place. Extend your stay for a few more days after your guests leave as it will lessen stress levels plus you may get some extra perks.


  1. Don’t be shy about letting the lodge, hotel or resort know you are booking a honeymoon as you’re more likely to get the special treatment.


  1. Check credit card rewards and look into any perks you might have accrued; you might find hotel and airfare discounts.

  8. If your engagement and wedding rings aren’t insured, it might be wise to not bring them on your honeymoon or leave them in the hotel room’s safe. It’s a good idea to take out travel insurance in case of weather, accidents or Covid-19 get in the way of taking your trip. Note: check Covid-19 cancellation policies at your hotel. Make sure you have all the required documents with you.  

  1. If your honeymoon is a long flight or drives away, take that into account when planning how many days you’re going to be away. Realistically, you should allocate two full days to travel.


  1. Soak up every moment: it doesn’t matter how many holidays you’ve had together, where you decide to go or for how long because your honeymoon will always win the Most Romantic Prize.

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