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Savvy paper sewing crafts kids will love

These easy stitch crafts are sure to keep the kids busy this weekend while teaching them a new skill at the same time.

Is your child begging to use a needle and thread and sew like mommy? This fun paper sewing craft is perfect for when you need to keep your little one’s fingers busy, and put a little extra effort into the development of their ever-important hand-eye coordination.

What you need:

  • empty cereal boxes
  • different coloured wool
  • embroidery needle for kids
  • scissors
  • hammer & nail

How to make them

  1. Cut different shapes out of the cereal boxes and lay the cardboard pieces on the table.lay Video
  2. Help your child draw a simple design on the cardboard.
  3. Put the cutouts on a wooden board and, with hammer and nail, punch holes all along the drawing – like “connect the dots”.
  4. Help your child thread the wool through the embroidery needle.
  5. Tie a knot at the end and let your child start stitching from the back of the card.





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