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New captains to help enforce Midrand Cricket Club’s clear cut vision

MIDRAND – Senior coach George Mukoki said that though it had been a long cold offseason and with summer getting closer, it was now a matter of when the cricket season would start.

With new committee members on board, Midrand Cricket Club has selected new captains for their teams this season with the aim to enforce a clear cut vision to be the best club in the Easterns Cricket Union.

Midrand Cricket Club’s director’s league captain, Siphumle Ndzima blocks the ball. INSET: Midrand Cricket Club’s U9 club member Anjana Ashok practises her batting. Photosa: Ofentse Ditlopo

The Midrand Reporter paid the club a visit on the senior squad’s first day back since Covid-19 lockdown Level 4. Senior coach, George Mukoki said though it had been a long, cold offseason and with summer getting closer, it was now a matter of when the cricket season would start.

Midrand Cricket Club’s U9 team made up of girls and boys. Here are Tharun Vishan, Rohan Pullapunthula, Anjana Ashok, Rishik Vadlamuri and juniors coach Alsen Bacheni (back). Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

He said the club had been on a mission with an increasing number of junior players joining the academy set up and more teams had been registered to continue the development of the club.
“More so, the senior players have an even bigger mandate to carry as Sunday Premier League promotion beckons at the end of the coming season if the team finishes top of the league.

Midrand Cricket Club’s U9 member Anjana Ashok practises his shots. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo
Anjana Ashok

“Captain Molope Molope has being tasked to lead the Sunday promotion team with Sean January being his deputy. Director’s league captain Siphumle Nzima has an equally similar burden as he leads the second side which is the feeder to the promotion squad.”

Midrand Cricket Club’s all-rounder Ona Manyisa on the drive in the nets. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Mukoki added, “The Saturday 5 league team comes in as the social side for the club with more representation accounted for by the senior citizens of cricket. It will also include juniors tracking their way to the senior sides of the club.

These are the Midrand Cricket Club’s 2021/22 captains. Back: Molope Molope, 1st team captain; Siphumle Ndzima, Director’s captain; Alsen Bechani, juniors coach; Amila Ndzima. Middle: U12 captain; Kaelo Moloko, U10 captain; and Front: Tharun Vishakan, U8 Captain. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

“MCC’s Saturday 1 side would now be captained by Ona Manyisa who is the Titan’s Cricket Academy batsman. The team has become the only Premier League side playing against premier league dominants like Kempton Park Cricket Club. The pressure will be there to prove the club’s tenacity.”

Midrand Cricket Club’s U11 and U13 club members practise their running between the wickets. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Mukoki concluded that come September, Midrand Cricket Club will be ready to take on the Easterns league.

Siphumle Ndzima, Midrand Cricket Club Director’s league captain bowls on the first day of practice. Photo: Molope Molope

Details: All potential new members interested in joining Midrand Cricket Club can contact the club at midrandcricketclub@gmail.com or the chairman Tshoko Moloko on 072 908 8701.

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