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Mitsubishi teases arrival of seven new models before 2030

All but set for production is the D:X Concept and seemingly, a revival of the full-size Pajero together with the incoming next generation Pajero Sport.

Seemingly not related to the Challenge 2025 product strategy announced last year, Mitsubishi has released a single teaser image showing seven new models it plans on introducing before 2030.

Delica replacement and new crossovers

Called Momentum 2030, the Mitsubishi Motors North America sanctioned initiative involves six SUVs or crossovers, and a single MPV all but certain to be the production version of the D:X Concept shown at the Tokyo Mobility Show last year.

More intriguing are the models flanking the D:X, the example on the left appearing similar to alliance partner Renault’s Arkana, and the one on the right a possible offshoot or replacement for the Eclipse Cross.

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Taking up station at the rear, the model on the left appears identical to the new Renault Duster and Ford Bronco design-wise, though without any visible hints of the Dynamic Shield grille, suggesting it could be electric as further evident by the LED headlight design.

The opposite applies to the rear-most SUV, whose light arraignment looks identical to the current Pajero Sport, but in a more compact silhouette reminiscent of the Eclipse Cross.

New Pajero Sport teased?

Taking centre stage though are the pair of models in front of the D:X, both roughly the same size as the Pajero Sport.

Mitsubishi rolling-out seven new models before 2030
Fronting the pair of new crossovers is a larger SUV that could potentially be the next generation Pajero Sport. Image: Mitsubishi Motors North America

Known to be in run-out as per its rumoured unveiling next year, the left-hand model appears representative of the next Sport as evident by the roof rails certain versions of the current model features.

Welcome back Pajero?

On the opposite side, the almost similar-looking model appears to confirm rumours of the full-size Pajero returning after sales wrapped-up five years ago.

Mitsubishi rolling-out seven new models before 2030
In addition to the production version of the D:X Concept slated to replace the Delica, the front most image shows what could be the revived all-new Pajero. Image: Mitsubishi Motors North America

First hinted at in November last year in a product presentation slide that formed part of the Challenge 2025 roll-out, the revival of the Pajero will likely be carried-out by Mitsubishi instead of relying on alliance partner Nissan, whose Patrol had been long rumoured to provide the base as part of a joint venture.

Carried over from the Challenge 2025 strategy though is the use of hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, as well as full EVs with no exact details being disclosed.

Roll-out could be more extensive

Despite the obvious focus on the United States, expectations are that some of the teased models will be rolled-out in other markets, which could include South Africa.

As is stands though, no details are known, however, expect more to be revealed within the next few months heading as Challenge 2025 reaches its end.

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