Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
30 Jul 2020
7:46 am

Diesel kicks Audi Q8 into the right shape

Charl Bosch

The Q8, even in its sombre Florett Silver Metallic paint finish, simply looks breath-taking.

When it comes to the business of coupes, it is undeniably hard not to mention the Mercedes-Benz CLS that turned the segment on its roof sixteen years ago. A conventional E-Class it might have been underneath, the coupe-esque look with the benefit of four doors immediately signalled the CLS out as the creator of a segment within a segment, which in the coming years, exploded in popularity as mainstream sedans effectively became practical coupes. Less than four years later, BMW took an equally unconventional decision to transform the X5 into a high-riding coupe in a move reminiscent of what the...