Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
10 Sep 2020
7:06 am

Suzuki Baleno a well devised package that lacks sparkle

Charl Bosch

Suzuki's flagship hatch has been playing a supporting role to its lesser siblings but why?

Suzuki Baleno 1.4 GLX

Every so often, you cannot help but be left perplexed as to why something associated with a reputable brand underperformers when everything else they or it produces, are lapped-up with no questions being asked. Although 2019 undoubtedly rated as a year Suzuki would love to remember for a very long time after posting a new passenger vehicle sales record of 14 867 units, the mood was more than likely tainted by the slow uptake of the Baleno. Whereas sales of the Swift have been living up to its moniker and those of the Jimny hamstrung only by a backlog as demand...