Charl Bosch
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11 Mar 2021
7:22 am

Patent submitted by Mercedes-AMG for E73

Charl Bosch

If it does become a reality, expect the E73 to battle directly against the BMW M5 CS.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S could soon be 'replaced' at the top of the E-Class range by the E73.

Having teased the GT73e earlier this month, Mercedes-AMG is reportedly set for an expansion of the denominator based on a new claim from the United States.

While the moniker, sans the “e” suffix, revives a designation last used in 2001 on the SL, online forum CarBuzz reports that a trademark application has been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for E73.

Applied for on the fifth of March, the nomenclature does without the “e”, suggesting the eschewing of the electric motor and battery pack for a purely internal combustion powertrain the publication claims signals AMG’s intention to rival the BMW M5 CS.

It however notes that the lack of the “e” should not be taken for granted as the trademark for the GT73 also lacked the badge, only to be added later. Apart from the E-Class, submissions have also been filed for SL73, S73 and G73, all without the “e”, indicating a family of “73” models in place of the outgoing V12-powered “65”.

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For now, it remains to be seen whether the E73 will become a reality or if Mercedes-Benz had purely submitted the application to prevent any other manufacturer from using it in the future.

With or without the “e”, the E73 will be positioned above the E63 S and produce more than the 450kW/850Nm from the standard car’s 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8. In “e” guise, the twin-blown V8 will be backed-up by an electric motor and like in the GT73e, produce a reported 600kW/1 000Nm, figures which comfortably eclipses the 467kW/750Nm made by the M5 CS.

Without electrical assistance, that E73 could follow the same route as its German rival by keeping the amount of torque unchanged while increasing the power output fractionally.

Despite Mercedes-AMG remaining coy about the E73 submission, expect more details to emerge over the coming weeks and months.

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