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16 Nov 2021
7:06 am

Revealed: South Africa’s used hatchbacks with lowest price and mileage

Citizen Reporter

Volkswagen Polo and Polo Vivo feature prominently in top 10 that offers best value for money.

Volkswagen Polo Vivo has emerged as one of South Africa used car favourites

The Volkswagen Polo and Polo Vivo aren’t only South Africa’s two top-selling new passenger cars, but also rules the pre-owned roost. One of the many interesting insights contained in the 2021 AutoTrader Mid-Year Car Industry Report is the fact the hatchback body style seemingly offers the best value for money on the used market given that, on average, it bears the lowest price and lowest mileage. With that report showing an average list price of about R190 000 and mean mileage of around 66 000 km, it’s this body style that tends to provide the most appealing mix of purchase...