John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
2 minute read
1 Jun 2022
7:30 am

FLOYD ON F1: Sport’s rich heritage under serious threat

John Floyd

F1 bosses hell-bent on staging races surrounded by stadiums and theatrical props.

Modern day street circuits simply can't rival the grandeur of the Monaco Grand Prix. Picture: AFP

The world of F1 is currently experiencing some weird and wonderful media reports – most emanating from the UK and the US. For example, it was recently reported several of the teams were not satisfied with the FIA as governing body of the sport. They are apparently proposing a breakaway and the formation of their own controlling institution. Now that rings various bells. Throughout F1 history there have been similar threats. The main clash in the late 1970s and 1980s between FISA (then the FIA’s sporting division) and FOCA resulted in the FIA retaining regulatory rights and FOCA, with Bernie...