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By Jaco Van Der Merwe

Head of Motoring

Biltong or beer? Here’s what you can buy after latest fuel price drop

Even owners of the smallest cars can save almost R50 on a full tank in November.

After months of heavy petrol price hikes, consumers finally get a breather from today for the first time since July.

Petrol prices of both grades decreased by R1.78 per litre at mignight on Tuesday, with the diesel price dropping by between 82 and 85 cents a litre.

Despite a slight depreciation by the rand against the dollar in the period under review, a lower price in brent crude oil was enough to ensure the decent decrease in fuel prices.

From today, 95 octane petrol will cost R23.44 inland and 93 octane petrol R23.90 a litre, while 500ppm diesel will cost R24.17 a litre and 50ppm diesel R24.40 per litre.

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Petrol price relief savings

The Citizen Motoring has worked out what the saving per tank of fuel will be for seven different cars. We then shopped around at the local supermarket to see what household item a motorists will be able to buy extra this month every time they fill up.

Suzuki S-Presso – 1kg of margarine

Despite this perky little hatchback being fitted with one of the smallest fuel tanks around, its owners will still reap some benefit this month. Filling it up its 27-litre petrol tank with 93 octane petrol in November will cost R632, which is R48 less than last month.

That is enough to buy a tub of average margarine at your grocery store.

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Nissan Navara bakkie – 2 litres of cooking oil

The Rosslyn-built 2.5-litre diesel Navara has an 80-litre fuel tank. The price to fill it goes from R2 017 to
R1 952 this month, a difference of R65.

That will at least ensure that those who can still afford to buy potatoes in this day and age will be able to fry some chips in the deep frying.

VW Polo Vivo – 2kg of washing powder

One of South Africa’s most popular hatchbacks are fitted with a 45-litre petrol tank. Filling it up from completely empty from today with 93 octane petrol will cost R1 054 − R80 less than it was last month. That should be enough to ensure your clothes stay nice and clean throughout up until December.

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Beers, burgers and biltong

Chery Tiggo 4 Pro – Six beers

The most popular Chinese car in Mzansi comes with a 51-litre fuel tank, which will cost R1 195 to fill in November. This is R90 cheaper than it was in October, which can contribute to the cause for those looking to extend their World Cup-winning celebrations into November.

BMW 3 Series – Burger meal

The popular sedan comes with a petrol tank 59 litres in capacity, which means the R1 410 it costs to fill from today is R105 cheaper than last month.

For that amount you can just about afford an original King Steer Burger, complete with chips and a drink.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee – half a kg of biltong

The big daddy of the local Jeep line-up can work up quite a thirst from its 3.0-litre V6 engine and is therefore fitted with a big 87-litres petrol tank. From today, owners will pay R154 less to fill up after the price of a fuel tank peaked at a hefty R2 079 last month.

This saving will enable those cheering the Proteas on for the possibility of a World Cup double to stock up on snacks for their remaining matches in India.

To see how the petrol price has fluctuated since 2008, visit the AA’s website.

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