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Weight reduced Porsche 911 S/T debuts as range’s new flagship

Limited to 1 963 examples, the S/T also becomes Porsche most expensive 911 ever sold in South Africa.

With an all-new generation still some way off, Porsche has celebrated the 60th anniversary of its 911 and 70th birthday with yet another special edition confirmed in limited numbers for South Africa.

Weight matters

Said to be the lightest iteration of the current 992 generation ever made, the 911 S/T uses the foundation of the GT3, but with a weight drop of 40 kg compared to the GT3 Touring.

A figure that translates to a dry mass of 1 380 kg, 70 kg less than the 911 GT3 RS, the road rather than track focused S/T’s weight drop comes courtesy of extensive use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic for the doors, front access hatch, roof and wings.

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The weight saving doesn’t stop there as Porsche has also fitted 20-inch at the front and 21-inch at the rear lightweight centre-locking magnesium alloy wheels and replaced the glass for the rear window with a lightweight alternative.

As well as a carbon fibre crossbrace inside, the S/T receives a larger rear spoiler as a means of improving aerodynamics, wider door sills and eschewing of the rear-axle steering system as a further means of cutting down on weight.

Limited run Porsche 911 S/T revealed
Shore Blue Metallic paint option and retro 63 number are part of the optional Heritage Design Package. Image: Porsche.

Additional adaptions underneath comprise the standard fitting of the sport exhaust system, uniquely tuned adaptive dampers and the Porsche Composite Ceramic Brake system.

A new lightweight clutch completes the mechanical revisions, along with a lighter single-mass flywheel that ticks the scales at 10.5 kg, and a lithium-ion starter.

GT3 at the rear

Nestled at the rear, the S/T produces the same 386kW/465Nm as the GT3 RS, this time though with a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox bolted to the other side of the normally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six rather than the seven-speed PDK.

Limited run Porsche 911 S/T revealed
911 S/T badge a special touch on the rear grille vent. Image: Porsche.

A through-back to the 911’s past, the lighter manual has been tweaked to suite the engine and as such, contributes to the S/T reaching 0-100 km/h in a claimed 3.7 seconds before topping out at 300 km/h.

Unique changes

Besides its already mentioned exterior changes, a 911 S/T badge has been implanted onto the rear grille vent and a small Gurney flap on the decklid itself. A commemorative “1963-2023” roundel badge completes the exterior on the other side of the grille vent.

Limited run Porsche 911 S/T revealed
Special 60th anniversary 911 badge on the rear grille vent. Image: Porsche.

As an option, the S/T can be decked-out in what Porsche calls the Heritage Design Package availed to 99 of the 1 963 models it will produce.

The added premium nets original Porsche badges on the hub caps, a gold surround for the outer S/T badge and upon entry, 911 S/T branded door sills. A special Shore Blue Metallic colour option rounds the package off.


Porsche details new special edition 911 S/T
Dual-tone black and cognac interior has been paired with cloth seats of the latter hue. Image: Porsche.

Inside, Porsche has limited the changes to colours and materials by trimming the electric carbon fibre reinforced plastic bucket seats in semi-aniline black/cognac leather with added black cloth and pinstriping.

Porsche details new special edition 911 S/T
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic seats can be finished in black or cognac as part of the dual-tone black-and-cognac interior. Image: Porsche.

he two-tone colour can, however, be changed to the traditional black, but regardless of the hue, comes otherwise standard with door pulls instead of handles, a 911 S/T decal at the base of the gear lever, green backlighting for the instrument cluster and a Sports Chrono watch

Porsche details new special edition 911 S/T
Rear crossbrace replaces the seats and is made from carbon fibre. Image: Porsche.

Opting for the Heritage Design Package brings a 1/99 builder’s plaque, a gold 911 badge on the passenger’s side of the dashboard and as on the hub caps, the original Porsche crest on the steering wheel and headrests.

Porsche details new special edition 911 S/T
A Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T is included with each of the 1 963 S/Ts. Image: Porsche.

A perforated Dinamica roofliner rounds the package off, together with a Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T watch regardless of whether the Heritage pack is selected or not.


Now available for ordering, the 911 S/T officially also becomes Porsche South Africa’s most expensive 911 with a starting price of R6 326 000, R1 418 000 more than the GT3 RS and R855 000 up on the 911 Sport Classic that had been the priciest 911 until now.

South Africa’s allocation of the 1 963 vehicles Porsche will make wasn’t disclosed, though expectations are that a limited quantity will be imported.

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