Siyanda Ndlovu
Digital Journalist
1 minute read
26 Feb 2021
5:08 pm

Will the ANC’s top six be the latest to go for tea in Nkandla?

Siyanda Ndlovu

'He is having a meeting with the top leadership of the ANC, that meeting will take place any day soon,' said Ramaphosa.

Former president Jacob Zuma's private residence in Nkandla, some 178km north of Durban. Picture: Rajesh Jantilal / AFP

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the top structure of the ANC will soon be meeting with former president Jacob Zuma.

Ramaphosa was speaking at Friday’s question and answer session on Friday with the South African National Editors’ Forum.

The question of former president Zuma’s defiance of the Constitutional Court compelling him to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture arose.

“He is having a meeting with the top leadership of the ANC, that meeting will take place any day soon,” said Ramaphosa.

“He has agreed to it as he is a disciplined member of the ANC.”

Ramaphosa said the meeting would look to give advice to Zuma.

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“The message is simple, it is that let us respect our institutions, especially the judiciary. Let us abide by the rule of law, there is no backing down in as far as that is concerned.”

It is not clear where the meeting will be held but, lately, a number of public figures have visited the former President at his Nkandla homestead.

Following several high-profile visits in recent weeks to his KwaZulu-Natal home, Zuma last week said there was still plenty of tea available for those who wanted to visit.

“Don’t worry, the tea is still there to be used by those who want to come to Nkandla. Don’t worry, they can come, we’ll have it,” Zuma said, speaking during a virtual umrhabulo round table organised by the ANC.

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