5 tips to make potty training a success!

Take the anxiety out of the potty training process with these five tips. 

Potty training is a stressful thought for most parents, and because of this, they often delay it, as it might just give them too much anxiety.

While it might feel pretty daunting, it’s also incredibly rewarding…and not having to spend a small fortune on nappies any more will be an added bonus! 

To assist you and your little one in achieving this milestone moment, try these five potty training tips from Fisher-Price Play Lab:

    1. Stay fresh: When the nappies go, so does that ultra-absorbent barrier. Staying in wet or soiled training pants will lead to unpleasant rashes and tenderness that may cause your child to regress. Keep extra undies and bottoms on hand wherever you’re going.
    2. Coordinate your training practice: Be sure to organise your potty plans with any other caregivers, so your toddler is receiving the same encouragement and motivation when you’re not around. If, say, they’re at daycare and their potty training methods vary a little from home, don’t worry – just continue to stay consistent at home.
    3. Have a game plan: Plan for your child’s short attention span by bringing in books, singing a song, playing with easy-to-clean toys, whatever it takes to keep them comfy on the potty.
    4. Don’t rush: With any new skill being learned, it takes time to master, and frustration is bound to happen. Your hard-working kiddo will benefit from your patience and encouragement along the way.
    5. Success is inevitable: No kid goes off to high school in nappies – eventually they catch on. Expect some messes and take-a-deep-breath moments … but know that at the end of the day, you’re instilling in your little one confidence and independence – and that’s something to celebrate!

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