Murdered Alberton mother and son: Natasha Stapelberg speaks out

The two men accused in the double murder case of Nadine Terblanche and her son Ruandré are expected to again appear in court in early March.

In the ongoing court case concerning the murders of Nadine Terblanche and her nine-year-old son, Ruandré Vorster, in Randhart last year, two suspects, Pardon Danhire (37) and Freddie Stapelberg (34), appeared for a formal bail application in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court earlier today.

While Danhire opted not to pursue bail, Stapelberg proceeded with his application.

Danhire is charged with two counts of premeditated murder, whereas Stapelberg faces four charges, including two counts of attempted murder and two of premeditated murder.

During the proceedings, affidavits from both Stapelberg and the investigating officer were presented.

Furthermore, the court received a petition from the Kathorus Parliament group, advocating against Stapelberg’s release on bail.

The case was remanded to March 6 for the final decision on the bail application.

Natasha Stapelberg speaks out

In an article published earlier today, Alberton Record reported that Natasha Stapelberg has expressed concern for her children’s well-being.

In the wake of the shocking murder charges against her husband Freddie, Natasha has broken her silence, denouncing rumours and expressing her concern for the impact on her three daughters.

Freddie and Natasha were married for 10 years before applying for a divorce in 2021. They have three daughters together.

Natasha Stapelberg looking at a photo of herself, Freddie Stapelberg, Nadine Terblanche and Johan du Toit.

“Nadine Terblanche and I have been best friends since Grade Nine and I also met Freddie in school,” said Natasha.

The Stapelbergs were acquainted with Nadine and Johan du Toit, Nadine’s former partner, before tragedy struck.

On January 12, Freddie was arrested, and he appeared in court on January 15 facing two schedule six premeditated murder charges.

Overwhelmed and frustrated

Natasha, who had been living in the Western Cape, has relocated to Alberton to support her children after Freddie’s arrest.

She told the Alberton Record that her and her children’s whole lives were turned upside down and she revealed the toll the situation has taken on her life, describing it as a ‘living nightmare’.

Natasha expressed fears that her children might suffer unjustly due to the rumours circulating on social media.

“On social media, I have been accused of a lot of things and people started taking screenshots of my Facebook page. It became so bad that I had to delete my entire page. I am not involved and do not know anything about this except what you hear or read on social media,” Natasha clarified.

Protecting her children

Natasha, awaiting the finalisation of her divorce, emphasised the need to protect her children from the fallout of Freddie’s legal troubles.

“When I heard the news of Freddie’s arrest, I was shocked and overwhelmed with emotions. This is the father of my children and they lived with him. If guilty, Freddie must face the consequences of his actions,” she said.

With Freddie being the primary financial provider for the family, Natasha now finds herself in a challenging position, searching for employment to support her children.

A mutual agreement was reached for the children to reside with Freddie temporarily until Natasha could stabilise her situation.

“I don’t know what to do now or how I’m going to look after them, but I am not going to give up. My children are already suffering. I just want to put it out there that the only reason why I am back in Alberton is for my children and my main priority is them,” she said.

She is also fearing potential bullying in her children’s schools in Alberton due to the ongoing case. “I might need to relocate my family for my children’s protection, but first I need to find a job opportunity for me to provide for my girls.”

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