Newborn baby abandoned in KZN field rescued by police officer

A police officer who was patrolling spotted the baby and immediately sought for medical assistance.

Residents of Lennoxton in Newcastle, KZN have been left in shock after a police officer came across an abandoned baby yesterday afternoon.

According to Charles Steyn of Magenta Medical Services, the officer was on patrol yesterday when he made the discovery and immediately alerted paramedics, requesting urgent medical assistance.

“We responded to the call for help and found that a newborn baby girl had been covered in a blanket, placed in a box, and left in the field. We assessed the baby’s vitals and rushed her to the provincial hospital, where the nurses on duty immediately cleaned her up and cut her umbilical cord,” he said.

He further stated that they believed the baby girl was healthy and was going to live a long and happy life going forward.

Police investigations continue.

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