WATCH: Mr Bean advises the public on Covid-19

Mr Bean’s Essential Covid-19 Checklist is a reminder to people about the importance of washing hands and physical distancing.

Mr Bean is out to create awareness about Covid-19 with the Mr Bean’s Essential Covid-19 Checklist.

The World Health Organization (WHO), Project Everyone and Tiger Aspect Productions partnered to launch the Public Service Announcement (PSA) using the global comedy cartoon star.


With cases of Covid-19 continuing to rise globally, Mr Bean’s Essential Covid-19 Checklist is a reminder to people about the importance of washing hands, physical distancing and demonstrating kindness to their neighbours.

The PSA features a cartoon sketch of Mr Bean comically tackling a pesky roller blind to finally reveal a number of essential tips to protect people against Covid-19.

“Covid-19 affects every walk of human life, and we need to use all tools and avenues at our disposal to share life-saving information with all people around the world. I am grateful for the support of the team behind Mr Bean for lending your voice and talents to spread vital advice on physical distancing, hygiene and knowing the symptoms,” said WHO director-general

The PSA is voiced by Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson, who created the Mr Bean character to be “a child in a grown man’s body” when he was at Oxford University along with filmmaker and Sustainable Development Goal advocate Richard Curtis.
The PSA was coordinated by Project Everyone, a not-for-profit agency devised by Richard Curtis working to put the power of communications behind the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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“We are delighted to work with the WHO on this Mr Bean sketch and to support health messaging around Covid-19,” said Curtis.

“In 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to end poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Good health and well-being is goal three and central to achieving all of the Global Goals. It’s key that we work with creative partners, and that all sectors come together to continue to get messages out about how we can tackle Covid-19 and build back a better world where the Global Goals remain the guiding plan to be achieved by 2030. We’re delighted to have him on board.”

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