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1 Jun 2017
5:16 pm

WATCH: Bicycle thief caught on camera

CNS Reporter

Residents have been urged to install outside beams to alert them to intruders.

Screen grab of the bicycle theft

CCTV footage of a man stealing a bicycle on Highlands Drive in Park Hill, Durban, has been shared by Sun Cell Watch, Northglen News reports.

The video shows the brazen thief balancing the bicycle on a boundary wall before jumping out of the yard and running off. The theft and trespassing was one of five incidents in seven hours, with several fence hoppers spotted or disturbed by residents.

Incidents were reported last night on Grosvenor Crescent, Kenneth Kaunda (Northway), Park Road and Russell Drive.

According to Craig Adendorff of the resdients’ alert network, there has been a spike in petty theft in the area.

“I’m seeing more messages of fence hoppers targeting items like clothes, tools and bicycles. In the bicycle theft incident, the thief stole it from the garage. Earlier today a fence hopper jumped into a property on Park Road, not realising the homeowner and her domestic worker were home.

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“Both screamed for help; the suspect grabbed a screwdriver and threatened them, but they kept screaming for help and he fled the scene on foot. I urge residents to install outside beams to alert them to intruders. We also need to be alert and vigilant at all times and watch each others’ backs to keep each other safe,” he said.

In a separate incident in the early hours of this morning (Thursday), Durban North police chased after a suspect who stole a high-powered hose on Northway.

Captain Raymond Deokaran, spokesman for the station, said the suspect abandoned the hose on a street adjacent to the home he stole it from.

“We were doing a late-night patrol when we saw the man carrying the hose. We tried to stop him and a foot chase ensued. He threw the hose aside and jumped over several other fences before we lost sight of him. We are urging residents not to leave valuables, whether it be tools or bicycles, out in the open – especially at night, because thieves are looking for these types of opportunities,” he said.


Two robberies under an hour in Pretoria east

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