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Gopolang Moloko
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31 Jul 2017
10:48 am

Sassa services continue post expiry date

Gopolang Moloko

Sassa cardholders have been urged to not share their pin with anyone.

Sassa card with visible expiry date explained by SASSA.

Sassa has reassured benefactors their services will continue normally post the expiry date labelled on Sassa cards, Southern Courier reports.

Sassa cards have an expiry date of December 2017, and the pension parastatal says services to pensioners will continue as normal post the expiry date.

Sassa representative Nandi Mosia said: “Though there was an apparent expiry date, Sassa stood firm in knowing that benefactors would still receive their pensions post December.”

She said: “It was normal for the public to query the apparent date, as it did sprout anxiety and uncertainty. Steps to issue new cards will be put in effect and cardholders simply needed to visit their Sassa offices for any information and clarity.”

She reiterated that pensioners would not be disadvantaged.

“Cardholders are urged to not share their pin information with anyone,” she said.

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Mosia continued and provided some general tips to Sassa cardholders.

She said it was important for cardholders to know what was right and wrong and that no one was allowed to be in possession of a pensioner’s card without arrangements made with Sassa.

She added: “No one was allowed to have a card holder’s card without their consent. The only legal way to manage a beneficiary’s card legally is when you are appointed a procurator administratively by Sassa with the permission of the grant recipient and anyone who was suspected of misusing someone’s grant should be immediately reported to any Sassa office.”

“Lost and stolen cards should be immediately reported to the nearest Sassa offices too.”

Mosia said there were situations where elderly people needed assistance in managing their finances and Sassa understood and agreed there needed to be someone nominated by the cardholder to manage the card on the benefactor’s behalf. The person will be appointed for this purpose and has to be known by Sassa.


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– Caxton News Service

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