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Maritza van Zyl
1 minute read
21 Aug 2017
1:25 pm

Dog’s head left in front of house

Maritza van Zyl

Some residents think the act is a sign of a threat to the homeowner.

The dog head that was left in front of Demi van Wyk’s house. Photo submitted. Image edited.

With a Labrador that was necklaced a week ago on the West Rand, another barbaric act has been reported, and this time, a dog’s head was left in front of a resident’s house on Saturday, 19 August, Randfontein Herald reports.

The house belongs to Demi van Wyk, the founder of the Venterspost Community Group.

Sannie Kruger, a member of Afriforum, said: “This is clearly a warning. This is a threat to our residents.”

Kruger said Westonaria police attended to the scene.

On Wednesday, August 16, the remains of a dog had been found. It was apparently still alive at the time it was necklaced by having two tyres put around its body and set alight.

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According to a resident in her 60s who lives next to the veld and who eventually buried the dog, the dog cried out from the pain it went through.

“There has been a number of dog poisonings in the area recently,” Van Wyk added.

Another resident said: “A donkey was slaughtered in another part of the veld, near where the dog died.“This is extremely disturbing, and if it could be done to animals, what will be done to our community?”


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– Caxton News Service

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