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31 Jul 2019
3:58 pm

Woman takes video of herself forcing husband’s ‘mistress’ to eat dog faeces

Citizen Reporter

A case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, intimidation, and crimen injuria has been opened.

Image: Screenshot.

A video of a Cape Town nurse forcing a woman to eat dog faeces as punishment for allegedly sleeping with her husband has caused uproar on social media.

The video shows a 28-year-old woman being forced to eat the faeces from a clear plastic bag.

The woman shouts in Afrikaans: “Eat! I will tell you what I do with f*ckers. That is not my sh*t. That is my dog’s sh*t. Portia is next! Take another piece. You can pick them out yourself. Soft, hard, messy, anything.

“My name is Mimmie, you tell every f*cker. I tell Jubie if he wants to f*ck around then he must leave me. He doesn’t want to, he won’t f*ck around.”

At the end, she says: “Jubie, it is Mimmie, your wife, here. You don’t take me for a f*ck! Look at how your f*ckers eat your dog’s sh*t.”

Tygerberg hospital spokesperson Laticia Pienaar told TimesLive that the hospital was aware of the incident and that internal investigations were ongoing.

“If any public servant is found guilty of improper conduct, it can lead to a dismissal from the service,” Pienaar was quoted as saying.

A case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, intimidation, and crimen injuria was reportedly opened at the Ravensmead police station on Tuesday.

Social media users were left angered at the nurse’s actions, with some questioning if she held her husband accountable for his actions.

Sheila Mninzi commented: “A woman’s worst enemy is another woman instead of clubbing up and punishing the naaier in this case a woman punishes another woman. When will we learn?” while Anatascia Juta wrote: “Nee sies man, so what about her husband? Why keep going for the women if the man also has part in this why? Please nurse get over this and get u another man maybe a better one like a doctor.”

However, there were those who placed the blame on the woman, asking why she’d slept with a married man.

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