Reitumetse Makwea
Digital Intern
2 minute read
4 May 2021
12:19 pm

What we know about Leo Prinsloo, the ballsy driver who foiled a CIT heist

Reitumetse Makwea

The cool as a cucumber cash van driver who dodged bullets during an attempted CIT heist on Friday, has drawn international attention. We take a look at who he is.

Leo Prinsloo. Picture: Facebook / The Edge Shooting Academy

Most people would abandon ship when bullets start raining down on you from all angles. Not Leo Prinsloo, the cash van driver who outwitted would-be robbers during a highly charged cash-in-transit heist attempt on Thursday, 22 April.

Prinsloo, who has since become South Africa’s very own Chuck Norris, managed to remain calm and collected, dodging bullets and keeping his cargo safe during a high-speed chase on the N4 highway in Pretoria.

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Leaked dashcam footage from the attempted CIT heist quickly went viral on social media at the weekend. In the video you can see Prinsloo glancing in the rear view mirror moments before a series of bullets hits the reinforced glass of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

He immediately begins to take evasive action, manoeuvring through traffic to escape the shooters, while at the same time telling his partner to grab a rifle and get ready.

If you missed the video of Leo Prinsloo evading the attempted robbers, watch it below:

Who is Leo Prinsloo? 

Prinsloo has a unique set of skills that will make attempted robbers think twice before trying to heist his cargo again.

  • He is a former member of the SAPS Special Task Force and head instructor for Fortis Pro Active Defence’s Lone Operator courses. The course is described as being for self-preservation. It clearly says this is neither a fun shooting event or a sports shooting event. According to the website, training is focused on defending yourself using all weapon platforms and more.
  • He is the founder and owner of The Edge Shooting Academy in Centurion. According to the website, Prinsloo’s shooting academy offers a wide range of services including sniper training, military and police training, tactical firearm training and much more.

He also appears to have completed the Comrades marathon every year since 1995, posting respectable times each year.

Prinsloo has declined to comment to the media about the incident as the investigation is still ongoing.

Additional reporting by Xanet Scheepers