Leon Wessels
4 minute read
26 Jul 2021
5:05 am

‘Apartheid ghosts still haunt me,’ says former NP negotiator

Leon Wessels

The one lesson Wessels says he learned is that "victims will never forget and perpetrators will do their best to forget."

Leon Wesels, former NP deputy Minister and negotiator. Picture: Supplied

Apartheid ghosts will not let me be in peace. I wrote about them in “Encountering Apartheid’s Ghosts – from Krugersdorp to Constitution Hill’ (2020). I look at the pictures of a frail and bewildered Joao Rodriques at the Timol inquest (he is accused of murdering Ahmed Timol) and ask myself if I can renounce him. I was a student in 1971 – I wasn't there. However I believed and propagated the official explanation at the time. That makes me part of this chain of events. I have met with different families who battle to find closure for deaths of loved...