Cheryl Kahla
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2 Oct 2021
8:02 am

Vooma Vaccination: ‘Stop procrastinating, get vaccinated,’ Mabuza pleads

Cheryl Kahla

Dangerous myths and conspiracy theories about the efficacy of vaccines contribute to vaccine hesitancy and loss of life.

Photo: Twitter/@DDMabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza launched the Vooma Vaccination Weekend campaign in the North West on Friday. He called on South Africans to stop delaying.

Vooma Weekend full steam ahead

Get the vaccine, stadiums are calling

Speaking to residents in the Bojanala Platinum District, Mabuza said most citizens are “yearning to come back to our empty stadiums”.

“It is, therefore, in our collective interests to call to action every eligible South African to stop procrastinating and to prioritise getting vaccinated against the virus”.

He urged residents to “move with speed” as government ramps up the Vooma Vaccination Weekend. He said vaccines are the country’s only hope to “return to play”.

Without the majority of South Africans going for the jab, we won’t be able to unlock the full potential of the sporting and creative economies, he said.

Vaccine myths and conspiracies

Mabuza also called on citizens to debunk misconceptions surrounding lifesaving vaccines. He said we must dispel myths and false conspiracy theories.

“We must dispel dangerous myths and false conspiracy theories about the efficacy of vaccines, which unfortunately contributes to vaccine hesitancy, then subsequently, loss of life”.

Maabuza assured residents that the Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be credible in all previous pandemics and the only solution to save lives.

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Photo: Twitter/@DDMabuza

South Africa has in the past mobilised against other outbreaks, and thousands of citizens today are vaccinated against measles, polio, smallpox, chickenpox and other diseases.

This is no different.

Mabuza said: “Vaccines are no stranger to us”.

Saving lives a race against time

Despite hospital admission and deaths on the decline, Mabuza warns that we still have a long road to vaccinated 70% of the adult population before December 2021.

As it Stands, 17,505,358 vaccines have been administrated. Of those, 12,569,620 of South Africa 40-million adult population is now fully vaccinated.

Mabuza said reaching this milestone could save 20,000 lives, which could be lost during the anticipated fourth wave, which is expected to occur in December.