Agrizzi heads to Alex to ‘make a difference’ following R200K fine

The former Bosasa COO says he actually wants to donate money to a good cause, choosing not to see it as nothing more than a hefty k-word fine.

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi maintains he has turned over a new leaf and wants to make a difference in the Alexandra community.

Agrizzi was in the sprawling township in northern Joburg on Tuesday to meet with the head of the Barney Mokgatle Foundation, as he is expected to donate an amount of R200,000 to the organisation, which promotes non-racialism, social justice and reconciliation.

Agrizzi tabled explosive testimony at the commission of inquiry into state capture earlier this year. He has agreed to pay the amount as part of an apology for a racist rant that included the use of the k-word in secretly recorded audio that was released by his enemies at Bosasa to discredit him.

Agrizzi and the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) agreed that he would make amends in good faith. He maintains the donation is to make a difference in the Alexandra community.

“You know it’s more than that and I wanted to have a chat – off the record – with Mr Mokgatle, because it’s not about an amount of money. Look, that is a gesture and you’ll note that, even in the discussions with the SAHRC, my first words to the attorneys and them was: ‘Chaps I’m not about negotiating, it’s not about that. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t end there. That will be a separate conversation between me and Mr Mokgatle and it doesn’t end there.

“This is a foundation that is truly born out of suffering, out of hardship, and I honestly believe if I had a magic wand today, my intention would be let’s get other people to go out there and use this situation to be able to gather more and more backing for Mr Mokgatle and his team.”

In the settlement agreement between Agrizzi and SAHRC, he agreed that his use of the k-word in the recording presented at the commission of inquiry constituted hate speech. This led to him agreeing to a public apology that would be published on the SAHRC website and social media platforms.

He will further be prohibited from publishing, advocating or communicating hate speech as defined in the Equality Act.

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