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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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ANC-DA coalition would be best for South Africa, says political analyst

Political analyst Lesiba Teffo thinks a co-governing agreement between the DA and the ANC would be great for South Africa.

A political analyst from the University of South Africa, Lesiba Teffo, believes that an ANC and DA coalition would be beneficial for South Africa.

ANC-DA marriage

According to Teffo, the ANC had institutional knowledge and the DA had a great managerial track record that has enabled it to make great strides in the Western Cape and Cape Town.

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Teffo said he had also been reliably informed that the ANC Veteran’s League was of the view that an ANC-DA coalition would be beneficial to all South Africans.

“I recommend the DA-ANC coalition. The ANC has the numbers and the DA has the managerial experience. The ANC has institutional memory and experience and this would be a coalition I wish for,” he said.

ANC-EFF coalition problems

Teffo raised concerns about the possibility of an ANC-EFF coalition at a national and provincial level. The ANC and the EFF were coalition partners in several municipalities. Their coalitions seen a number of service delivery problems and infighting between the two parties.

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“I am still to know what the EFF stands for when it comes to policies because what it says in the morning changes in the afternoon and history has shown us,” he said.

According to Teffo, negotiations for coalitions should be governed by pragmatism and not ideology. Currently, many political parties were aligning with like minded parties to gain strength in the upcoming elections.

“It is pragmatism that works in this world not ideology,” Teffo said.

Despite concerns over the ability of DA leader John Steenhuisen to lead the DA to victory in the upcoming elections, Teffo said he believes that Steenhuisen was one of the most competent leaders that the DA has ever had.

“The numerical strength of the DA is growing when it comes to the black vote. It is far easy to play the race card when it comes to the DA. John is competent and politically literate,” he said.