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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Digital Deputy News Editor

City Power announces changes to load shedding schedules – here’s what you need to know

Load shedding blocks will be rearranged again.

City Power has reintroduced four-hour episodes during the higher stages of load shedding following residents’ complaints about frequent two-hour episodes.

When City Power took over the administration of load shedding in Johannesburg from Eskom in early November, it changed the load shedding episodes from four hours to frequent two-hour episodes. This change led to complaints from residents.

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“While this was welcomed during lower stages where customers were shed only for two hours, with some going for a day or two without load shedding, the problem arose when Eskom bumped the schedule to higher stages from 5 to 8, which saw the two hours repeating frequently, often with some customers shed twice in six hours,” said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

“The reality we find ourselves in during load shedding is that the higher the stages, the frequent the blocks are shed, with some shed for at least 10 hours in stage 6.

“After managing to re-align the blocks and reconfigure the network, we are pleased to announce that the team is ready to roll out a new load-shedding programme from Christmas day that completely removes the 2-hour break problem in higher stages.

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“The four consecutive hours of load shedding would be similar to what customers experienced under Eskom, although on some days, particularly on Stage 5 and 6, it will be less intense of the impact than during other stages.”

This revised schedule will take effect from Christmas Day. However, the country will be free from load shedding until Friday, as per Eskom’s announcement.

City Power on midnight load shedding

City Power also announced that the usual four-hour load shedding between 10 pm to 12:30 am and 12 am to 2:30 am will no longer occur due to the introduction of two new blocks.

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“There will, however, be instances where this phenomenon happens once in a while, mostly leap years. Customers will be notified ahead of time when this rare incident is due to occur,” said Mangena.

Additionally, essential services, some businesses, and key customers will remain exempt from load shedding under the new schedule. Efforts are ongoing to exempt more entities from the power cuts.

Due to these changes, the load shedding blocks will be rearranged again.

The updated schedule, including block changes, will be published on City Power’s website on Monday.

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“We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these changes, but every change we make is in the best interest of the customers.”

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