Amanda Watson
News Editor
2 minute read
17 May 2021
6:00 am

Leaked memo shows how much private health providers pay for vaccine

Amanda Watson

In the case of uninsured vaccinees referred to a private health establishment via the EVDS, “the billing will be to the National Department of Health.

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A leaked memo from the Department of Health spells out exactly how much vaccinations will cost private healthcare providers. “The price of the Pfizer vaccine from the distributor will be R308,48 per dose,” said Director General of the Department of Health Dr Sandile Buthelezi in the memo. He noted there were six doses of the vaccine in a vial; hence the cost per vial is R1850,88. “The Pfizer vaccine is a two-dose vaccine to be administered 21 days apart and can be stored at between -80°C and -60°C for the entire expiry date or at -15°C to -25°C for 14...