Hein Kaiser
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29 Jun 2021
9:36 am

Five survival tips: How to stay sane in Level 4 lockdown

Hein Kaiser

Stay sane in lockdown. It's Level 4 lockdown 2.0, adjusted. Here are five tips to remind you of what it was like in 2020 and to stay sane.

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It’s back to last year this time when foraging for a drink or last year this time, a smoke, was the stuff of nightmares.

The reality is we are living in a really bad dream. South Africa returned to an adjusted Level 4 lockdown this week in the wake of an total onslaught of Covid-19’s third wave. But, like a Mexican wave in a crowded stadium, it too will hopefully lose momentum and fan out until it’s flat.

General practitioner Dr Tshego Masemola shares her personal experience after contracting Covid-19 during the second wave.

“While I had a mild version of it, the psychological impact was severe,” she says. “The constant idea of the disease blowing up inside you, visions of being on a ventilator and your own mortality are quite real during the illness.”

She believes that it is now more important than ever for people to remain compliant and be vigilant despite possible lockdown fatigue.

Here are five survival tips to stay sane and pandemic rules of thumb to make lockdown winter at home slightly more bearable.

1. Create a time capsule before it’s forgotten.

Create pictures, write down memories and keep a diary of how life has become different under lockdown. If you have not started one yet, create a time capsule today.

Think back and remember last year this time, and bring it up to date to today. There’s nothing as personal as memories, and your children will appreciate it, in fact, for generations to come. There has never been anything like this before. Create and save your part of a historic period.

2. Create a family games night.

The list is endless and can provide a great alternative to television. From more traditional games like chess and checkers through to 30 Seconds, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Build a puzzle together as a family.

Create some time together and even if load shedding returns, which it is likely to, you’d have a bunch of stuff to do that doesn’t require a remote control. A lockdown benefit.

3. Start cooking and baking again, like we did last year.

Lockdown inspired a cooking and baking craze last year. It’s died down a little. Reprise this feeling of home achievement and look up granny’s recipes, Google great resources like The Food Network and get over the pots, linger over a braai or invest in a skottel – another load shedding failsafe.

4. Binge watch more.

So many shows, so very little time. If watching television was a job you’d still run out of working hours to view everything on offer. Some great shows to hone in on during lockdown this time around are You on Netflix, all six seasons of Bosch on Showmax, the eery Servant on Apple TV or DStv’s Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island.

5. Remember, be safe.

Masemola says: “If we all remain responsible and follow the simple guidelines set by the authorities, we reduce our chances of contracting the virus substantially.”

Masemola says the regulated measures put in place, social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitisation remain the best prevention tools available and, of course, ensuring that your immune system is supported by eating the right foods, taking supplements such as vitamin C and zinc.

Zinc, however, she notes must be taken with caution, as the body cannot exceed certain levels, as a buildup of zinc can cause levels of toxicity. “If we all continue to adhere to the rules and look after ourselves and respect fellow citizens, the country will get through the third wave.”

Dr Tshego Masmola shares some tips about staying safe during the third wave of Covid-19