Marizka Coetzer
3 minute read
12 Aug 2021
5:10 am

Desperate father pleads for help to bring back son from Madagascar

Marizka Coetzer

He approached the embassy and Dirco, who simply pulled up their shoulders or said they would look into what they could do, but nothing had happened.

Picture: iStock

A desperate father’s plea to bring his son back to South Africa is falling on deaf ears while the young man remains stranded in Madagascar following the lockdown last year. Francois Basson went to Madagascar in January, last year to work as a scuba diving instructor at a conservation company, only to be left stranded there due to lockdown. Last week the department of international relations and cooperation (Dirco) promised to assist the South African but it has since not said a word. Francois’ father, Dewald Basson, said every time he heard from his son he got upset because he...