Elana Afrika reveals the inspiration behind her nostalgic new mom-daughter clothing range

Almost all of us have memories of dressing up in our mother’s clothes, twirling in her skirts, and feeling like a princess…

It’s that princess feeling and nostalgia that Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp’s new mother-daughter vintage-inspired clothing range captures so perfectly!

The media personality has partnered with one of South Africa’s most talented designers, Izet Changuion to release a range of locally-produced matching sets for moms and their girls. The bold, dazzling, and vibrant fabrics radiate “fearless femininity”.

Elana is known for her roles in radio and TV, and she has produced a podcast, wine, events, and much more. Adding her first clothing range to the list was a natural next step for the fashionista, and as we have come to expect from the ‘mom-trepreneur’, this too reflects her belief in being a present mother and a champion of girl power.

E L A N A by Glare officially launched in April 2020

“Partnering with the Glare team is a dream come true for me!” says Elana. “The idea came from my first-hand experience with my own two daughters. They’re five and three years old – the perfect age for dressing up and having fun with clothes. I wanted to create a classy, vintage-inspired look that I could wear, and that I could dress my daughters up in. We’re launching a skirt range for now, and will look to expand to other items during the course of the year.”

Glare – Modern Vintage Creations was founded in 2017 by Izet Changuion, also a lover of bold colours and vintage designs.  Izet and Elana met at an even where Izet was hosting a pop-up shop. The pair clicked immediately.

“I was drawn to her spot by the fabrics and the vintage look,” says Elana. “We exchanged details and she gave me one of her skirts as a gift. I was blown away. Izet is very talented, I knew if there was a venture to do with anyone it would be with Izet and Glare Modern Vintage.”

On meeting and working with Elana, Izet says: “Her warmth and sincere care immediately drew me towards her, and that’s when I decided I would love Glare to be associated with her. What I like about Elana is the balanced life that she portrays – our world needs more role models like her. Even though she has an exciting career, she is fully devoted to her husband and children.”

What inspired Elana to branch out into fashion?

“Dressing up, is something I did with my own mother,” says Elana. “Later, when working in entertainment, I developed my fashion sense and style from stylists, and then I met the ultimate one, Izet Changuion.  She inspires my style every day!”

Looking good is about both what’s inside and outside

“Feeling happy about how you look, comes from within,” says Elana.

“The beautiful thing about fashion is, it might give you confidence, and help with self-esteem, but that’s temporary. My desire with the fashion line that Izet developed for E L A N A By Glare, is that we understand that dressing up, and being confident is more than just fashion, style, or clothing.”

The range is aimed at making women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful.

“This is not just a mommy and me range. This range is for everyone wants to bond, grow, and love that younger person in their lives,” says Elana.

“Chase your dreams”

For other mom-preneurs out there, Elana advises them to chase their dreams no matter what.

“Chase them! and Just start! And you will have people that support you.  Some wont, and that doesn’t matter. Just start!”

E L A N A by Glare is now available online at www.glare.co.za


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