‘I might just choose myself’ − Kenny Kunene on his candidacy as Gauteng premier

When parties come together to decide who will be SA's next president, he and McKenzie will be there.

If he does not become the premier of Gauteng after next year’s elections, Patriotic Alliance (PA) deputy president and premier candidate Kenny Kunene has vowed to be part of those who make the decision on who the province’s number one citizen should be.

The PA has become the kingmakers in hung municipalities, especially in Gauteng.

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While it is looking increasingly difficult to tell which political party will get the outright majority to govern the province, Kunene has put his name forward.

Kunene: I am Gauteng premier

“I am the premier candidate of Gauteng. When we choose the premier, I will be sitting around that table deciding who will be premier, I might just choose myself,” he said.

“Next year, after the elections, when the parties come together to decide who becomes the president of South Africa, Gayton McKenzie (PA leader) and I will be sitting around that table. We might even choose ourselves.”

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Since its inception 10 years ago, the party has been called names by others, including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who have branded it “a party of mapantiti (ex-convicts)” because of Mckenzie and Kunene’s criminal past.

However, Kunene said, despite the name-calling, people were still voting for them to take the country forward.

“It’s an indictment on them that we are in politics and people are voting for us. If you call us ex-cons, it means you have failed as a politician and people are now looking to ex-cons to assist them.

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“People can see that we are committed to assisting them because of the work we are doing. People can see we are not in politics because of the stomach; we are already fine. God has blessed us for this time so that we can come in, halt corruption and do well for our people,” he said.

The party has also been calling for the government to jail and deport illegal foreigners.

“The centre of what we are facing is the lack of political decisiveness. There is no leadership in our country to drive our economy to the point of job creation that will deal with the social ills.

“You can’t deal with social ills in a country that has over 20 million illegal foreigners. That is why contact crime, rape and murder is high,” said Kunene.

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“Most of the companies hire illegal foreigners to pay them peanuts because they have no rights and they can treat them like slaves.”

“Police must do nothing but arrest. Where are your papers? You don’t have them, you are going inside the van.

“They must also arrest the owners of companies who employ people with no papers.”

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Kunene said when Mckenzie is president, he’d propagate the law to deport all illegal immigrants.

The PA is part of the coalition which is in charge of the City of Joburg.

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