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By Faizel Patel

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Monyela ‘pissed’ with Lesufi’s vision of taverns in communities

South Africa has been gripped by shootings at taverns.

While Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi is exhilarated about his idea of taverns of the future in communities across the province, Clayson Monyela, head of public diplomacy, says he is “pissed”.

Lesufi enraged liquor traders by claiming he would halt the issuing of new licences, while also launching an initiative with a global beer brand for “taverns of the future” in townships.

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However, with a number of tavern shootings across the country recently, Monyela is not impressed with Lesufi’s vision.

“My dad was murdered at a tavern in Kagiso. He was only 33. Taverns traumatise me. My heart breaks when I see companies like Heineken getting endorsement from my government to expand further into our communities.

“The few ‘jobs’ they’re promising is not worth the thousands of lives these people are going to destroy. This is good for Heineken not for us. I’m so pissed!” shared Monyela.

Alcohol a crime driver

South Africa has been gripped by shootings at taverns, and in one of the major incidents more than 16 people were shot and killed in Soweto. But the suspects were released by the court due to a lack of evidence.

In October Police Minister Bheki Cele stressed that alcohol abuse was one of the main contributors to crime around the country.

“It’s a fact! Alcohol is a major driver of crime in communities and police are under instruction to enforce the law and shut down illegal liquor hangouts and bring the owners to book.

“While this might be seen as a low hanging fruit or ‘easy target’ for the police, for us; prevention will always be better than cure. Police must continue to target and shut down these unlicensed liquor outlets who sell to underage customers, operate for hours on end without impunity and dismally fail to ensure the safety of their customers when alcohol fuelled fights break-out or vulnerable customers are targeted by criminals,” the minister said.

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