Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
7 Mar 2020
6:40 am

Orchids and Onions – Fried chicken ads give lots to crow about

Brendan Seery

Apart from Orchids to Nando's and KFC, a marketing communication and PR Orchid goes to the SANDF and its communication head Siphiwe Dlamini.

There was a lot of heated discussion last month around a controversial decision by US-based fast food giant Burger King to make an ad extolling the natural ingredients in its “Whopper” burger, using time-lapse photography to show the burger moulding away after 34 days. Personally, I think the ad clevers went a bit too clever on this one, because the image which will forever remain is the one of the rotting and distinctly unappetising burger. It’s something you cannot unsee … and an image which probably pops into your head when you pass a Burger King joint – with the...