1 minute read
6 Feb 2021
8:31 am

Maintaining valuable assets not about preserving history


The Ekurhuleni municipality could, for comparatively little expenditure, have a working, useful sports venue.

The delapidated state of the PAM Brink stadium in Springs, 3 February 2021. Picture: Neil McCartney

In empty sport stadiums, the spirits of the past – of famous victories, of bitter defeats and of ecstatic fans – seem to swirl between the seats and over the pitch. Yet at the disfigured and maimed Pam Brink Stadium in Springs, the ghosts of matches past would probably be too disgusted to return. The once proud facility has been gutted by vandals, who have stripped the fencing, gates, doors, roof and toilets, leaving the concrete bones bare to the elements while grass, weeds and trees grow riotously. The stadium opened in 1949 to a memorable victory of Eastern Transvaal...