Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
3 minute read
15 Feb 2021
6:01 am

Jacob Zuma and the men in robes: When a good lawyer is worth his weight in gold

Bernadette Wicks

It is now clearer than ever before that Zuma won’t be going down without a fight, in any situation. And, he has had some serious legal muscle behind him.

File picture. Former President Jacob Zuma is seen in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on May 20, 2019. Picture: JACKIE Clausen / Pool

While there isn’t a lot of publicly available information about Inkosi Matomela Zuma - the founding father of the Zuma Clan - his close relationship with King Shaka features strongly in the little that there is. He was one of the renowned conqueror’s allies and it was as a result of this allegiance to the monarch, it is said, that his clan was able to thrive and prosper. He sounds like someone who understood the importance of having the right people in your corner. Not unlike his great grandson, our former president Jacob Zuma. Zuma has been compared to a...