Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
31 Jul 2021
7:20 am

Do judge a book by its cover

Carine Hartman

I’m turning over a new chapter: I’m curling up with Atwood. Because every love story is a potential grief story…

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"Go vrot and bingewatch your favourite Irishman,” my daughter tells me on Zoom after a tough day. Yes, I love Mike of The Chapter’s “let’s gooee”. And that he, for the life of him, can’t say three. So into the popular YouTuber’s day turdy-tree of yet another missing girl, probably murdered by her partner for some life insurance – and he rolls those blue eyes well – my eye catches the Margaret Atwood lying next to my bed. The Heart Goes Last is untouched; the pages crisp and the smell of the book divine. And I wonder what happened to...