Isaac Mashaba
3 minute read
18 Nov 2021
7:20 am

Cry, the corrupted land

Isaac Mashaba

Despite the rush to push South Africa into the realm of a failed state, our political leaders always find someone or something to blame – as long as it is not themselves.

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Our young-generation leaders from all walks of life and political persuasions need to stand together and make their voices heard as our old-guard bourgeoisie fails the country. The government has corrupted our democracy, tarnished our constitution, emptied the state’s coffers, neglected our infrastructure and totally ignored our people. In fact, everything our government has touched has been either bankrupted or destroyed. Our murder rate is higher than many war zones across the world. If police stations are vulnerable to criminal attacks,law-abiding citizens are even more prone to being attacked. Currently, private security contractors outnumber the police. Our citizens live in...