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By Dirk Lotriet


An answer to a family dispute: Here are what major political parties offer

Snapdragon, armed with politics, clashes with her sister over voting, drama proving a formidable opponent.

The lovely Snapdragon and her sister had an argument on Wednesday about the elections.

Snapdragon told her younger sister that good citizens have a duty to vote. Her sister said she won’t vote – she simply can’t vote for anyone who doesn’t mirror her views on politics.

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Snapdragon played her role as the bigger sister icily. “I have a degree in politics, you have a degree in drama,” she told her sister. “It’s becoming blatantly obvious.”

Then the younger sister showed her older sibling that drama can be as effective a weapon as anything.

Later, I spoke to my sister-inlaw. Yes, she is exactly as dramatic as Snapdragon labelled her, which is a reason why she is one of my favourite people on earth. Snapdragon, on the other hand… I admire and respect her.

I even love her. But like? Not too often. “It’s okay to not vote. As long as you withhold your vote as an informed democratic tool.”

I suggested that she look at the Sara party as an option, but she was determined: “I want a party that stands for free education, a universal basic income, one that’s opposed to genocide and who fights for the environment. If I can just find a party that stands for two of those…”

That evening, I spoke to some of my political friends. “Genocide?” one asked. “The DA is seen, rightly or wrongly, as being in favour of the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

“The ANC, however, are strongly opposed to the Gaza strikes, but they claim to be neutral on their Russian friends’ attacks on the Ukraine. The same applies to Al Jama-ah.”

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A universal basic income… The ANC is well on the way to changing the R350 per month grant into a R630 per month basic income grant, another said.

But there are fears of dependency and everyone doubts that the country can afford it without substantial tax increases.

Isn’t that penalising success? Several parties want to make environmentally friendly laws.

Nothing as extreme as mandatory electric cars, but the DA, the ANC, MK, the EFF and several others have outspoken champions for the ecological cause.

And everyone wants quality education, apart from the ANC, who prefer a high matric pass-rate.

So, there you are, sis-in-law. It’s a mixed bag, but a bunch of parties make at least two of your criteria. Heap the drama upon them

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