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By Carine Hartman

Chief sub-editor

Be careful what you wish for…

Miley Cyrus has been No 1 on Spotify for weeks, the song trends – for me – for all the right reasons.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned – but trust singer Miley Cyrus to teach women bitter and twisted is oh, so yesterday.

You’re a diva… Scorned by ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, cheating on her in her home with 14 flossies – including actress Jennifer Lawrence who proudly joined him on the red carpet in a golden gown – Cyrus showed women worldwide how to turn revenge into … poetry.

She purged with a song: Flowers. Not just any old song; she sings the pain of losing their ranch in the California wildfires, telling him they weren’t okay, but that’s okay. She’s a strong woman who can buy her own flowers…

And that sets the tone for the song because didn’t Hemsworth dedicate Bruno Mars’ When I was Your Man to her? And didn’t Mars sing the ditty I should have bought you flowers? So where’s the revenge? In her music video she released on her ex’s birthday.

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Opening shot: she wears a golden creation à la Jennifer, makes the dance moves he found embarrassing on the red carpet, but loses the dress when she gets to her home with its tainted sheets.

Closing shot: she’s wearing the suit he wore when he told her to “behave”. And she misbehaves wildly… Bear with me, because I also wondered why little Hannah Montana can break the internet. I preferred her in the bad wig and the persona my little daughter looked up to. And Wrecking Ball never had the right balls for me.

But then came Flowers. She’s been No 1 on Spotify for weeks, the song trends – for me – for all the right reasons. Because little Hannah Montana grew up. She’s a woman now. A woman who is scorned, but tells the world that in subtle nuances.

She’s not the bitter and twisted Rose Gowan of the #MeToo movement. In fact, she’s in a month done more for the “Awakening of Women” than #MeToo can hope.

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Women worldwide own “I can buy my own flowers; I can love myself more than you ever can”. And men know. I see our Seffrican men responding: a boertjie sitting on his tractor singing I can buy my own tractor…

But as one said: February 14? Buy your own flowers. Be careful what you wish for… Happy Valentine’s Day.

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