Hagen Engler
3 minute read
5 Jun 2022
5:33 am

That spinal pain we’re all feeling is from turning our back on our heritage!

Hagen Engler

I've rediscovered the liberation of squatting like the naked ape my ancient ancestors were, writes Hagen Engler.

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Let me guess, you’re sitting down! Okay, maybe you’re reclining as you read this. Perhaps you’re in bed, or by some small chance you might be standing up, killing time in a pizza place while you wait for them to prepare your doughy disc of culinary excellence! But chances are, you’re sitting down. I know that because, as a culture, we are essentially addicted to sitting. Almost every culturally significant aspect of our lives takes place with us sitting. Sharing meals, working, consuming entertainment, travelling from place to place. Even at our places of worship, we are largely seated. We...