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16 Sep 2021
7:30 am

Pity the cops couldn’t show Tshwane’s ‘cabbage bandit’ some humanity


Strictly speaking, Pretoria’s 'cabbage bandit', Joe Nkuna, did break municipal bylaws in planting cabbages on the verge outside his house.

Picture: iStock

It is illegal, in terms of at least two regulations, to interfere with council property. The verge is council property. And a clearly irate senior cop decided to make an example of Nkuna and fine him R1,500 because he refused to remove the vegetables. This as many other homeowners have put plants on their verges – and despite far more egregious violations of city law occurring every hour. There’s a sort of logic in the bylaws: if Nkuna is allowed to plant cabbages, will someone else decide that planting mielies is fine, even though the plants might obscure the view...