2 minute read
3 Jan 2022
5:30 am

Tutu was a man of honour, conscience


Tutu annoyed many people – and he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Photo: AFP/ANP/Olaf Kraak

Somewhere up in heaven, there is a peal of mischievous laughter as Desmond Mpilo Tutu contemplates the irony that his death united black and white extremists in their condemnations of him. The man who conceived the idea of a Rainbow Nation and preached incessantly about unity and reconciliation would probably be chuckling something like: “You see! They can agree on something!” Supporters of the radical economic transformation gospel espoused by former president Jacob Zuma and his hangers-on, together with the EFF, have pilloried The Arch for a compendium of his alleged “sins”. These include allegedly being nasty to struggle icon...