Editorial staff
2 minute read
18 Jun 2022
6:31 am

It’s time ANC owns up to its tragic failures

Editorial staff

The lack of competence is costing billions and destroying towns around the country.

Flag of the African National Congress (ANC). Picture: Michel Bega

Who are we kidding when we think South Africa can compete with the best in the world? Do we really think Johannesburg is a “world-class African city”? A new global rating shows that hundreds of cities globally are better than our best. According to the Schroders Global Cities Index, Johannesburg is ranked a lowly 277th, while Cape Town fares even worse, coming in at 316th. ALSO READ: Municipalities hold their breaths as Auditor-General to release annual audit outcomes And, even though many arrogant and xenophobic South Africans think we’re the best on this continent, the reality is that, according to...