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By Kekeletso Nakeli


Rumbling against Ramaphosa proves that voters have become a danger to leaders

What is unfortunate is that our people have to resort to such measures in order to be heard.

When it comes to elections, the promises made to voters are ever so attractive.

But now the ruling party is facing direct public defiance and a rude awakening. South Africa is suffering a political void, lacking the leadership that the country needs desperately.

There is nothing more disheartening than the state of the nation. The ANC, the ruling party, was a voice impossible to ignore during the armed struggle and its reach was worldwide.

Today, one has to wonder if the ANC had become so deaf that they see and hear no evil – even when the evil comes from within. We are in desperate times.

We must refuse to become another African failure because of leaders so removed from our plight.

The ANC, the promisers of a better life for all, over the years benefitted a select few and created tenderpreneurs and rich men and women whose pockets were lined from the state’s purse at the expense of a population that suffers hunger, unemployment, depression – and total hopelessness.

The ANC carried our dreams and dashed them simultaneously. The Economic Freedom Fighters now seems to bear the responsibility to take us to the promised land.

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And, now, the president of the republic must be whisked away to safety from the unavoidable rumblings of the people and the ANC is shocked, calling the entire episode unfortunate.

What is unfortunate is that our people have to resort to such measures in order to be heard. But when elections are close, nothing matters more than the X and the promises that they are sold.

In the Northern Cape, a municipal manager was held hostage by residents.

Where are we headed when we feel that the only way for the leaders we have elected will hear us is to confront them directly, most often, dangerously?

After food parcels and empty promises, after singing and dancing by a political party that “experiments” with its people, the politics lover in me is beat…

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