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By Kekeletso Nakeli


Voters are apathetic and depleted

There is a political leadership vacuum in SA, where citizens find there is no point in seeking a political alternative.

The low voter interest, other than with the intention to punish political parties at the polls, speaks to a political leadership vacuum.

This is not just within the ruling party, but holistically within the country when citizens find there is no point in seeking a political alternative.

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If people thought there was, the numbers would have said this… the numbers tell a story of political hopelessness.

The ruling party, we all know has a story to tell, filled with treachery, looting and pocket-lining of the political figureheads at the expense of the state.

It is filled with maladministration and scandal and every time, in order to disguise the shame, musical chairs is played with the accused.

Those with blemishes to their names are moved from one portfolio to the next… this is a party that has transformed from the liberators to the oppressors in record time.

The opposition parties have few blueprints in their manifestos if they do not shame the ANC.

Others mired in controversy of undertones of racism, others coming into existence only as breakaway parties… and their members’ expulsion or resignation leading to the formation of new parties.

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Other parties, having risen to great success as the “new kids on the block” after Polokwane 2007, have just as quickly found themselves in the forgotten chapters of our political history.

The central theme of the 2024 elections, being the equivalent of the 1994 elections, are tell-tale signs of countrymen feeling oppressed.

We all have differing stories to tell of our time in South Africa’s democratic dispensation. We all have had different experiences of the government of our day and the opposition parties alike.

But if there’s one true account that does not lie, it’s the numbers.

Numbers do not lie, numbers of those who do not believe the South African political space has any left to offer; that no matter what the landscape, there exists no alternative to the status quo; and that, for me, is what these numbers reflect, a nation that no longer has faith… we are now Covid-fatigued, Eskomfatigued, crime-fatigued.

A failing economy and education system-fatigued, unemployment fatigued – and now, it cannot be denied, the powers that be cannot deny it, we are also politically fatigued in the destination of nowhere that we feel we are being led by those who constantly take for granted our ability to bring them to power. South Africa and her people are exhausted.

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