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When will ANC learn there’s nothing for mahala?

It's mind-blowing that ANC councillors in Tshwane can sabotage a debt-collection drive, yet remain vocal about service delivery.

When will the ANC learn that you can’t have your cake and eat it or, as Isaac Newton typified it, that for every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.

It is truly mind-blowing that ANC councillors in Tshwane can, as the DA claims, capsize a programmed campaign aimed at recovering R8.6 billion in outstanding debt as they were not consulted, yet remain vocal about service delivery?

Quite simply, the two opposed factors in this lopsided piece of logic defies reasoned analysis.

Rates collected from residents and service users provide the cash which fuels service delivery. Without one there cannot be the other.

Yet, ANC councillors pounced on revenue agents at the Thusong Service Centre in Mamelodi West this week, preventing them from starting their door-todoor campaign.

It has to be noted that the sprawling urban township east of Pretoria was the site of serious service delivery protests little more than a month ago.

While it is true that there remain glaring inequalities in the warp and weft of our social fabric, obstructionism and the reliance on a false feeling of entitlement through noncompliance have little chance of engendering any lasting solutions.

There is, in short, nothing for mahala.


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