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Why are SA troops in DRC mission?

We didn’t expect the fatalities to start coming as soon as they did. Families of the deceased should know why the SANDF is there.

It did not take a military genius to predict that South African troops would be up against it in their deployment on a so-called peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But we didn’t expect the fatalities to start coming as soon as they did: This week, two SA national Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers were killed and another three wounded when a mortar exploded inside their camp.

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No details are available about who was responsible for the incident, but it could only have been either the M23 rebels which the SANDF has been sent to fight, or the Rwandan Army, which is supporting those rebels.

That is why an urgent investigation is needed.

If troops or equipment from Rwanda were involved, there needs to be an immediate diplomatic protest and, if necessary, the cutting of ties with Kigali.

It is not acceptable that a country we regard as a friend could be involved in killing our soldiers.

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Another question is why the camp was not prepared for such a “stand off” bombardment, with proper prepared bunkers.

Most of all, however, is the question we have posed before: Why is South Africa there in the first place?

The families of the dead soldiers need to know.

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