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Orania’s leader Carel Boshoff now accused of corruption

Boshoff’s recent salary hike and car purchase, as well as accusations of infighting and maladministration, are plaguing the Afrikaner-only Northern Cape settlement.

A long list of accusations of maladministration and infighting is being directed at the president of the Orania Movement (OM), Carel Boshoff.

Boshoff is mainly known as the son of the founder in 1990 of Orania, an Afrikaner settlement intended as the beginning of a volkstaat. Boshoff once admitted his disappointment that Orania had only about 1,000 residents rather than the 60,000 he had once anticipated.

Boshoff is accused of illegally purchasing a Mercedes-Benz for R102,000, and for hiking his salary by 45%, reports Beeld.

Orania Movement vice-president Sarel Roets said the community forum would meet in May to discuss the accusations against Boshoff.

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The accusations against Boshoff originate from a former worker in the office of the executive committee, who worked in the town last year.

The ownership of the Mercedes-Benz has reportedly since been transferred to the Orania Movement.

Boshoff’s salary increase is reportedly said to be because of additional work that was expected of him. Boshoff’s handling of the OM’s growth fund is also under the spotlight.

Roets explained that the accusations stem from certain members’ personal problems and conflicts, which had created a gap in leadership.

He said the majority of the accusations did not hold water, and there was no corruption within the OM, but that suggestions had been made to improve systems within the town.

It is ultimately the community forum’s decision of whether to hire a private legal team to further investigate the accusations against Boshoff, which would negatively implicate Boshoff’s position.

Boshoff is not too bothered about the accusations, however, saying that people in prominent positions are constantly being accused of things that could put them in jeopardy.

Other transgressions Boshoff is being accused of include allegations of overseas trips, a loan taken out of the OM’s growth fund, clashes of interest and an overall failure of management practices.

Appeals are also being made to investigate the Gousblom Development, which the OM’s ‘Helpsaamfonds and Solidarity’s ‘Helpende Hand’ are both shareholders of.

(Edited by Nica Schreuder)

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