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PA members who want positions in Parliament must donate blood, says Kunene

PA deputy president Kenny Kunene says blood collected from PA members should be reserved for South Africans.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) members who are interested in getting top positions in Parliament and in legislatures after the general elections will have to support the party’s blood donation drive to be considered for jobs.

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The PA has made the call to all their members to donate blood to the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) which occasionally runs low on blood stock.

Pint of blood for a job

In a video message to PA members the party’s deputy president Kenny Kunene said it was essential for party members to support the blood donation campaign.

“We want to see your pictures anyone who wants to go to Parliament who wants to be on the list we will look at whether you gave your blood or not,” Kunene said.

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He said those that have medical or other reasons for not being able to donate blood should explain to the leadership of the party why they cannot do so.

“We must be united in putting South Africans first. I salute you and I know that you have never failed the president or myself and the leadership of the PA when we give an instruction,” he said.

According to Kunene the blood donation drive is the second biggest operation that the PA is embarking on as a party. He said the first operation was at the borders in the beginning of the year where the PA was able to turn back more than 1000 immigrants that were trying to enter South Africa illegally.

“Let the blood organization go out next week and say there is no shortage of blood we have seen an increase in blood donations let us give our green blood,” he said.

Do not give foreigners PA blood

Kunene said his appeal to the medical fraternity was that the blood from PA members should only be given to South Africans.

“We want people who will show their IDs genuine IDs to be given and share our blood once South Africans are fine you can look at those that have documents,” he said.

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