Skincare project aims to improve the health of 3 million babies

There are 30 Unjani clinics in South Africa providing access to treatment to thousands of mothers and babies in need.

Johnson’s Baby, the global consumer brand, has launched a bold and inspiring project in South Africa that will improve the health of more than three million babies by 2020, Fourways Review reports.

They launched The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project, in partnership with Unjani Clinics. Unjani is a sustainable initiative that aims to strengthen health systems in low-income communities throughout South Africa by empowering nurses to own and operate their very own clinic within their community.

While we all love the softness of a baby’s skin, most of us don’t realise that this amazing organ acts as the first line of defence against infection. Small babies have developing immune systems and skin plays a very important role in shielding them from germs and diseases.

However, a baby’s skin is more vulnerable than an adult’s skin because it’s 30 per cent thinner and loses moisture twice as fast. It needs very special care.

Doctor Carol Hlela is a paediatric dermatologist with a Master’s degree in Global Health Science (MSc GHS) and a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in clinical medicine from Oxford University. She has become a pioneer in dermatology and is a leader in providing quality baby skin care to help reduce the rise of skin diseases in babies in Africa.

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“The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project is helping me to realise my personal goal to improve children’s lives through skincare,” said Hlela.

“Johnson and Johnson care deeply about the health of South Africa’s babies and this project is one of the ways in which we seek to help more parents give their babies the best possible care. It’s fascinating how a simple healthcare routine can improve the health of babies and their skin,” said Benjamin Peters, Johnson and Johnson marketing director

The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project aims to achieve the following:

  • Give thousands of mothers and babies in need access to treatment through Unjani clinics
  • Educate mothers about skin health for babies, through a mass awareness campaign that aims to improve overall health through better skin
  • Strengthen health systems in vulnerable districts by investing in Unjani clinics, contributing to the establishment of new Unjani clinics and providing training and resources for Unjani nurses
  • Work with dermatologists and healthcare influencers to educate parents on how to attain healthy skin for healthier babies
  • Sponsor Johnson’s products to improve skin health for babies in need.


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